Our Building Process

Site works

You’ll want your boundaries to be exactly right, so we re-peg your block to ensure all markings and dimensions are correct, and obtain multiple earthwork quotes to ensure you receive the best possible price. Site preparation includes retaining walls, brick build-ups, stormwater drainage works (soak wells), earthworks and sand pad compaction.


Slab set out is supervised to ensure your home is correctly positioned on site. The slab is engineer designed to ensure your home is solidly built from the ground up. Works include plumbing prelay, footings, slab pour and slab curing.


Includes brick loading, bricklayers’ set out, damp proofing below the first course of bricks to prevent moisture, bricklaying and installing structural steel columns and lintels. Our tradespeople are proud of their work, so you’ll always find neat bricklaying and a tidy site whenever you visit.

First floor slab

Engineers inspect formwork, steel fixing, plumbing and electrical prelays before the slab pour to ensure the quality and strength of the slab is adequate and to provide you with peace of mind. Also included is first floor scaffold erection, hoist installation, stripping of formwork and slab curing.

First floor roof cover

Includes roof plumbing and scaffold height adjustment, roof cover, plastering (float), ceiling installation and plastering (set). All flashings installed during this stage are thoroughly inspected by our supervisors, to ensure water won’t penetrate into your home.

First floor lockup

Includes glazing of windows, installation of all upper floor external doors, first floor brick clean, first floor external painting, hoist removal and the lowering of scaffolding.

Roof Cover

Includes roof framing by our roof carpenters to an individually designed roof frame using manufacturers span charts to specify sizes of all roof members. Then roof plumbing and roof cover. All flashings installed at this stage are thoroughly inspected by supervisors to ensure water won’t penetrate into your home.

Lock up

This is when you get a real feeling for how your finished home is going to look. We first plaster the walls then install the ceilings. Then lockup secures your home which helps to prevent theft and vandal damage and allows us to start co-ordinating the finishing trades. This stage includes glazing of all windows and installation of all external doors.

Cabinets & Tiling

Remember the fun you had choosing things like tiles and kitchen cupboard finishes? Now you can admire your choices as we install cabinets and complete the ceramic tiling. We’re also busy waterproofing showers, fixing carpentry, completing the plumbing set up, final electrical and plumbing work, stormwater connections, garage hardstand and brick paving.

Practical Completion

Not long now to handover. The final inspection where you and the building supervisor will document minor items that are required to be completed.


Your big day. The home is now completed. Along with your keys comes a surprise gift – our way of saying ‘thank you’ for placing your trust in Platinum Homes.

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